A Lovely Life Melissa Michaels

$ 34.99


You might think that you need to make big changes to create a better life but it’s often the small, intentional, everyday decisions that shape our environment over time and bring sustained contentment and well-being. Savor the process.
Melissa Michaels shows you how to cultivate a lovely life in each season:
Spring—experience renewal as you clean up and reimagine your spaces and learn to enjoy everything the outdoors has to offer.   
Summer—enjoy refreshment with a summer staycation, self-care nourishments, and the delightof simple pleasures.   
Autumn—make room for reconnection when you decorate to reflect your family, style, and story; embrace gratitude; and adopt seasonal rhythms for body, mind, and soul.
Winter—enter a season of rest as you establish morning and evening rituals, winterize your bedroom, and indulge in restorative home spa treatments.   

Beautifully designed and photographed, 
A Lovely Life offers you tangible ways to make every day a better one.

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