MILK Coconut + Vanilla Mineral Bath Soak 250g

$ 19.99
Experience our most hydrating bath soak yet. Creamy coconut milk, coconut Co2, and luscious oat milk create the base for this soak while light aromas of pure organic Madagascar bourbon vanilla envelop you. 250g (approx 3-6 baths) Hints of: Coconut, Vanilla Perfect for: Sleep, Hydrating, Sensitive skin Notable ingredients: + Coconut C02 Pulp: Harvested from the pulp of the coconut, this rich and buttery oil nourishes sensitive skin and offers a subtle, gentle scent + Epsom Salt Flakes: 30x more concentrated than your typical Epsom Salt, these flakes dissolve into the water delivering muscle-relieving power in a soothing soak + Colloidal Oat: Gentle while still offering powerful skin-protecting benefits, Collodial Oat is the superstar ingredient behind this soak's skin recovery effects MRSP $22.00 CAD $18.00 USD
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