L’AVANT Collective was born out of the near constant demand for cleaning up after our kids and pets but wanting the products we used to be non-toxic, highly effective, and conveniently located. Our goal is to merge our modern home interiors and styles with the products we use on a daily basis in a sustainable and plant-based way.
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Multipurpose Surface Cleaner
multi purpose surface concentrate lavant
High Performing Hand Soap Lavant
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Fresh Linen Laundry Oil Lavant
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High Performing Dish Soap lavant
High Performing Laundry Detergent - Fresh Linen
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Lavant Fresh Linen Room Spray
Luxury Hand Lotion Fresh Linen LAVANT
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Multipurpose Surface Cleaner Refill - 3 Pack
Lavant Fresh Linen Candle White
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Blushed Bergamot Multi Purpose Lavant
Wool Dryer Balls Lavant
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Mini Travel Multipurpose Cleaner
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L'AVANT Mini Travel Set
Blushed bergamot multi purpose surface concentrate
High Performing Laundry Detergent - Unscented
Winter Fir Dish Soap lavant
Blushed Bergamot Hand Soap Lavant
Winter Fir Hand Soap Lavant
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Mini Travel Hand Soap
Winter Fir Room Spray lavant
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lavant Lucite Clear Tray
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winter fir Candle lavant
Blushed Bergamot Dish Soap lavant
Blushed Bergamot Dish Soap Refill
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