Christmas Decor

From shabby chic to modern farmhouse shop Christmas Decor at Hallstrom Home
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Vintage Gold Goblet Candle
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Engraved Christmas Wooden Charcuterie Board
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Striped Linen Cotton Napkins
Pom Pom Christmas Stocking or Gift Trim
armhouse White Linen Christmas Stockings-Handmade
Tan Linen Stripe Christmas Stockings/ Personalized
Boho Cream Chenille Christmas Stocking with Fringe
Shabby Chic Christmas Stockings/Pink Rose Print
Personalized Tan Plaid Wool Christmas Stockings
Personalized Wool Christmas Stockings/Rustic Farmhouse Plaid Family Stockings/Holiday Stockings/Tan Black Check Pendleton Wool
Personalized Plaid Wool Christmas Stockings
Black and Red Plaid Pendleton Wool Christmas Stockings
Personalized Wood Name Tags/Custom Christmas Stocking Tags/Gift Tags/Hand Written
chenille christmas stocking
Only 5 left!
Personalized Christmas Stockings in Set of 4 Handmade
Black and White Stripe Christmas Stocking/Handmade
Black and White Plaid Christmas Stocking/Handmade
White Plaid Christmas Stocking/Handmade
Black and White Plaid Christmas Stocking/Handmade
Black and White Tartan Plaid Christmas Stocking/Handmade
Red Wool Christmas Stocking/ Farmhouse Style
christmas stocking
Nordic Christmas Stockings
Ticking Stripe Christmas Stocking
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pendleton wool stocking
Buffalo Check Pendleton Wool Christmas Stocking
Pendleton Wool Plaid Christmas Stocking
french christmas stocking
Vintage Metal Train
Only 1 left!
Vintage Glitter Christmas Tree
Only 1 left!
White Christmas Sleigh
Only 1 left!
Vintage Wood Train
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Gold Christmas Sleigh
Only 1 left!
Blue Ticking Stripe Christmas Stocking
Feather Trim Christmas Stockings Deer Print
80 results
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