Sandalwood Vanilla Lotion

$ 11.99

DANI's Paraben Free Sandalwood Vanilla Travel Size Lotion is ideal for body and hands. The natural formula incorporates organic ingredients and is 100% vegan, cruelty free and non toxic. Aloe vera and vitamin E are blended into a botanical base to make the lotion thick and moisturizing - never greasy. A best-seller since 1998 and perfect for your daily on-the-go and travel!

2fl oz.

DANI uses custom essential oil blends for our fragrances, making each scent unique and naturally incredible. Sandalwood Vanilla is a balance between spicy sandalwood and creamy natural vanilla. A rich, warm, sophisticated scent - ideal for men & women.

DANI Sandalwood Vanilla Travel Size Body & Hand Lotion is:

Paraben Free
Cruelty Free
Non Toxic
Ideal for Men and Women
Made with Organic Ingredients

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