DIY Craft Kit - Cozy Christmas Garland

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These DIY felt ball and wooden cutout garlands are a fun, bright edition to your craft/decor lineup. We create the wooden cutouts in-house in our small, woman owned and operated business in rural Oregon. Each kit contains everything your customers need to create their own colorful garlands. Our DIY Garlands are a bestseller in our local retail store. Customers often buy multiple kits to get crafty with co-workers, friends and family. The Cozy Christmas Craft Kit Includes: - 2 Christmas Trees, 2 Snowflakes, Fireplace, Hot Cocoa, Hat, Mittens - 16 felt balls in white, felted grey, maroon, and dark green - 6 feet of thread + needle -Instruction Sheet -Set of 4 paint markers in gold, maroon, dark green, and grey
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