Large Appetizer Platter Blue Epoxy

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Root Large Appetizer Platter 18 to 22 inch X 14 to 16 inch X 2 inch. These uniquely beautiful reclaimed-root-wood appetizer platters will woo your customers and they will do the same for their guests when they use them to entertain. Hand carved from reclaimed fir root. Each gnarled stump is transformed by skilled artisans into the gorgeous root products we proudly import. Knot holes and minor cracks add a unique charm. The results are an impressive, one-of-a-kind piece that will garner endless compliments and allow your customers to say they have the only one that looks like the one they have. Use them to serve appetizers, charcuterie, cheese and crackers. You can use the round center section to put the dip in or as a holder for a ceramic or glass dip bowl.
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