Everest - 2-Piece Crystal Bourbon Whiskey Glass Set

$ 45.99
Unlike any other whiskey glass currently on the market, our 9 oz glass features a scale replica design of Mount Everest running along the inside of the glass. Enjoy pristine whiskey without ice or stones. Just store the freezable whiskey glasses in the freezer, pour and enjoy. Our glasses chill and aerate bourbon, scotch, cocktails, tequila, and vodka as you swirl the drink around the face of the mountain. This Patented, 18-second Chill Charge Technology is approved by distillers and connoisseurs alike. The glass is made of premium, high-quality crystal that is thick enough for any cocktail. The heavy glass is unbreakable making it ideal for your next BBQ party in the garden. No more worrying about your friends breaking your thin, fine crystal whiskey glasses. At Liiton, creating the perfect gift is our priority. Any whiskey lover will be thrilled to open this gift for Father's Day, birthdays, weddings, and more!
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