Fragrance Oil: Australian Sandalwood

$ 24.99
These signature Murchison-Hume oil blends are designed for use with our Car Diffuser, but you can use them in your oil diffuser, on dryer balls, or anywhere you want to amp up your home's signature scent. FRAGRANCE DESCRIPTIONS: Coriander (fo*): Perfect for those who don’t like traditional “fragrances.” This bright and clean unisex blend features fresh herbal greens with citrus and floral notes. Engaging and energizing. Lemon Myrtle (eo*): Not your average lemon. An Australian native classic, Lemon Myrtle is crisp, herbal citrus. A refreshing way to clear the air. Australian Buddha Wood (eo*): This sensuous, woodsy fragrance is famously calming and grounding.
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