Lightweight Ribbed Planter Pot | Beige | 6" or 8" Sizes: 6 With Drip Tray

$ 56.99

Designed and produced in our studio in Austin, Texas. This modern eco-friendly planter will make a perfect home for a variety of plants. It will also make a great gift for any of your plant lover family and friends. Features: - The hole grid bottom and ridge in drip tray provide an efficient water drainage system - Lightweight and durable so great for hanging plants - Easy to clean with warm soapy water. NOT dishwasher friendly - Indoor use only is recommended All our products are made with a biodegradable plant based plastic. This plastic combined with 3D printing that has minimal amount of waste makes our products environmentally friendly. Note: Due to the nature of 3D printing process, some minor imperfections may exist.

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