Map of My Heart Printed Boho Artist Pants in Sage

$ 164.99
MORE PICS COMING SOON! Our highly anticipated new Artist Pants are made from a natural blend of linen and bamboo/wood viscose, and feature a drawstring front, elastic waist back panel, pockets, cropped length, and a flattering lantern hem design. The custom-woven fabric is easy-care for and so comfy. They are one-size and will fit approximately size 4/6 (S) to size 12/14 (L). Model is 5'2 for reference. About the print: Created using an original 1846 print from New York entitled “A Map of the Open Country of a Woman’s Heart” -- a fanciful imagining of a woman’s heart, drawn as a map. We loved the concept — but definitely didn’t love some of the language! So we swapped out many of the place names like “Land of Fickleness” and “Land of Vanity” (no thank you), to what we feel in our own hearts — like “Land of Strength” and “Region of Reckless Joy”. Approx meaurements: length 86cm/34", waist (stretched) 104cm/41" around, waist (unstretched) 84cm/32", hips 117cm/46".
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