MUZEN Wild Jeep Portable FM Radio & Bluetooth Speaker

$ 164.99

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* Military-inspired Styling:This speaker has a rugged aesthetic with a design inspired by classic Jeeps,military straps,and a tuning konb resembling a firearm trigger. * Premium Sound Quality: The Wild Jeep ensures top-notch sound quality. MUZEN audio engineer designed the speaker's acoustics and fine-tuned the components to play sound with minimal distortion accurately . * Compact & Durable: Sized at 144mm x 87mm x 66mm and weighing 0.84kg, this rugged speaker is constructed with impact-resistant materials, perfect for sophisticated outdoor activities like picnics and camping trips with family, friends, or partners. * Modular Design and Customization: The Wild Jeep speaker's Lego-inspired design allows for interchangeable shells and personalization, adding a playful edge to the classic radio design.
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