Porcelain Sky Blue Heart Stud Earrings

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Super Seconds This item is part of Super Seconds range, Items that as a seller am not 100% happy with e.g. the glaze colour is wrong, the gold luster has not come out ‘shiny’, small crack, wrong clay, end of line stock, etc. But would still love to see these go to a good home...so grab a bargain and get them at sale prices! Porcelain sky blue heart stud earrings with 24k gold lustre on sterling silver plated backs These ceramic heart earrings stands out for their simple, elegant and minimal look, making it a great wardrobe accessory! Made with porcelain clay which has been three times fired at temperatures between 900-1250 celsius. The clay has been hand cut whilst still 'leather hard', left to slowly dry over several days which is followed by bisque firing. The pieces are then handpainted and go through a glaze firing, followed by a final gold lustre firing. This whole process takes at least a week to complete. Measurements: Lengh: 10mm Width: 10mm Depth: 3mm
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