Round Small Porcelain Dangle Earrings With Paisley Design

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Round small Porcelain dangle earrings with Pasley design with with leaf pattern on 24k gold plated earring wires Made with porcelain clay which has been twice fired at temperatures between 900-1250 celsius. The clay has been hand cut whilst still 'leather hard', left to slowly dry over several days which is followed by bisque firing. Pieces are handpainted and go through a glaze firing. This whole process takes at least a week to complete. Measurements: Lengh: 20mm (32mm including earring wire) Width: 20mm Depth: 3mm No gift boxes due to the high amounts of waste involved and the higher postage costs (which means I would not be able to offer the free UK postage) but I take great care in making sure my packaging looks pretty and well presented. ***Please note that due to their handmade nature each have their own uniqueness and no two are the same***
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