Scarvii - Fashion Scarf Head Wrap: BLUE

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Our scarf is perfect for the seasons! Whether you need a scarf or a wrap, even a bag decoration, our scarf is perfect. Crafted with silk like material, this scarf will have you feeling comfortable and stylish in any weather. Our beautiful ruffle design will add a touch of charm to all your looks. Details: 1- size 90x90cm 2- silk like material, soft and comfortable for touching Atzbranding is a new brand that has established itself in recent years. They are carried by over 200+ happy independent retailers all across the world! Our products come with UPC codes for inventory management and retail packaging so we can easily display them on shelves at stores, too!! We focus heavily upon cost efficiency while producing high-quality goods.If you have any questions about pricing or shipping feel free to message us through Faire (or email) - our team will do everything possible until this process goes as smoothly
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