Seasonal Esque Candle Insert - Pumpkin Pistachio Crème

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Featuring 2 seasonal fragrances that are sure to set the mood this holiday season. Esque® is Northern Lights' longest-selling product line and is newly reimagined as a wax painted luminary and candle insert for a reusable art piece. Designed to be used with the Esque® Wax Painted Luminary with 13 fragrances to choose from for endless customization. Minimum 3 per fragrance Fragrance Notes: Sparkling Champagne: A bubbly blend of champagne with fresh squeezed apple, melon & vanilla musk, garnished with rose petals. Pumpkin Pistachio Créme: Buttery pumpkin cake filled with pecans, almonds, a blend of ginger & cardamom spices, topped with pistachio créme. Product Details: For use with Esque® Luminary 9oz Fragranced Candle Insert 3.3in x 3.7in
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