Spanish Town Kitchen x JSC Caribbean Jerk Sea Salt

$ 13.99
NEW! Caribbean Jerk Sea Salt combines Spanish Town Kitchen's Raymond's Jerk Spice Rub, Burlap and Barrel's Black Lime, organic coconut sugar, and JSC Kosher Sea Salt for one warm-sweet-spicy balancing act of flavor. Go beyond jerk chicken for this one. Add it to roasted veggies, stewed chickpeas, or marinate grill favorites like shrimp or pork. It tastes great on fresh mango, too. About Spanish Town Kitchen Inspired by the rich culinary heritage of the Caribbean, Spanish Town Kitchen owner, Pat Marrrett, creates her twist on the distinct flavors and jerk spice seasonings she grew up eating in Spanish Town, Jamaica. Each small-batch sauce, spice blend, and rub is made with single-origin spices and simple, organic ingredients. Ingredients Sea salt, coconut sugar, black lime, organic garlic, organic onion, allspice, ginger, paprika, thyme, cinnamon, nutmeg, peppers, organic brown sugar. Details Net Wt. 2.7oz (76g)
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